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Immunology Congress Materials

Congress Materials


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AAAAI 2023 24–27 Feb 2023 San Antonio, Texas USA Details
EAACI 2023 9–11 Jun 2023 Hamburg, Germany Details
PNS 2023 17–20 June 2023 Copenhagen, Denmark Details

Immunology Resources

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HAE Interactive Patient Case Study Tool: Test your knowledge and understanding of managing patients with HAE

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Patient Case Study Infographics: Learn more about real- world experience of subcutaneous Berinert® 2000/3000 (C1-INH)

Prescribing information for HAEGARDA® and Berinert® may vary depending on local approval in each country. Therefore, before prescribing HAEGARDA® or Berinert®, always refer to local materials such as the prescribing information and/or the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) in your country.

HAEGARDA® and Berinert® are not available in all countries. Consult the CSL Behring Global Products List to see if HAEGARDA® and Berinert® are available in your country.


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